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The Edge Martial Arts and Fitness Programs

Tumbling & Cheer

Flipping 4 Fitness



Cheer Tumbling: Tuesday 4:30pm              All Star Cheer: Wednesday 7:30pm

This class is designed to teach basic tumbling skills required for cheerleading. It starts with basic warm-up skills and transitions to round-off back-handsprings, toe-touch back-handsprings and standing back-handsprings. 

Introduction to Tumbling and Flexibility: Thursday 4:30pm

This is an introductory class that teaches students how to stretch properly and basic flexibility skills.  Students work their way up to standing and running tumbling skills.

High School Cheer Tumbling Classes: Sunday 2:30pm        Stunting: Sunday 3:30pm

These classes are opened up to High School Cheer Teams in Lynchburg and surrounding counties.  Students learn all tumbling skills required for VHSL Cheerleading.  Students will also learn how to tumble alongside other people.  Contact The Edge for specific school information and times.

Intro to Tumbling (Ages 5+): Thursday 5:30pm          

This class is designed to be “fun” and “challenging.  Children will learn skills starting with rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridge kick-over and front and back handsprings.

Rollie Pollies (3yrs-5yrs): Monday and Wednesday 5:45 pm              Twisting Tots: Monday and Wednesday 6:30 pm

 You can choose to attend 1 or 2 days a week.  The class is 45 minutes and children will start learning how to warm-up their muscles and stretch.  They will also work on coordination through fun obstacles and mats as well as all basic tumbling skills and jumps.  The children are in a separate room away from all the other classes to help them keep focused. Near the end of each class they are introduced to the bigger gym to get used to the atmosphere and the equipment.

Trampoline and Tumbling Team: Mon & Wed: 5:00pm, Tues & Thurs 5:30pm

This is a competitive team that competes on three separate apparatuses: Double-Mini, Trampoline and Rod Floor.  It teaches athletes how to be a team but compete as an individual.  For more information regarding this program contact The Edge.

“Hodgepodge” Tumbling      Tuesday 8:00pm              Back Handspring/Tuck Class     Thursday 8:00pm

The minimum requirement for these classes are round-off back handspring and standing back-handspring.  All basic warm-up skills are done in the beginning of class and then mostly floor tumbling ranging from multiple back handsprings to multiple twisting skills.

Ladies Fitness: Saturday 9:00am

This is designed for ladies “problem” areas: inner and outer thighs, abdomen and lower back.  There is very little cardio or high impact involved. The students focus on isolation work with various equipment.  ALL LADIES WELCOME!

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