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Greensboro Submission Only Jiu Jitsu Tournament

By Admin | In News | on January 29, 2014


LYNCHBURG, VA— This Saturday, three competitors from The Edge Martial Arts and Tumbling are traveling to Greensboro, North Carolina to participate in the Greensboro Submission Only Jiu Jitsu Tournament. Brett Jefferson, Kyler Winters, and Chris Klahn have years of experience combined, and look to show off their abilities this weekend.

Last year, The Edge sent numerous competitors to compete in grappling tournaments all across Virginia; but this year, we look to extend our horizons and begin traveling across state lines. For the past two years The Edge has been represented well in each tournament, taking home over twenty medals with just five grapplers competing at each event.

This year looks to be a phenomenal year for our competitors. As they continue to train, learn, and compete, their abilities continue to grow.

Saturday will mark the first competition for The Edge this year; however, it is certainly not the last. Best of luck to each competitor this weekend and to those who will compete in the future.

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