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Muay Thai Smoker

By Admin | In News | on November 21, 2013

DULLES, VA— Three fighters from The Edge competed in a Muay Thai smoker event at Capital MMA in Loudoun, Virginia on November 16, 2013. John Gonce, Josh Little, and Kyler Winters became the first team of a long line of hungry fighters to represent The Edge. A smoker is an event that provides an entry level into muay thai competition. Its main function is to help prepare those that are interested in amateur muay thai fights a way to begin the process in a friendly setting. The main goal of a smoker fight is to learn what you need to work on before your first amateur fight. Wins and losses do not show on your record because they go up in smoke in the end. Hence the name “Smoker event”.

John was the first fighter to take center stage Saturday evening. He was matched up against a fellow Marine in the 175-weight class. When the bell rang, John’s opponent came out swinging hard, fast, and accurate. John was knocked down early but was able recover. After a brief flurry of punches, John’s opponent landed a solid head kick to end the fight. Jon is a warrior and is sure to take this experience to make himself even stronger as he continues his fighting career.

When Josh Little entered the ring, there was no doubt that it was going to be an exciting fight. Josh came out aggressive, landed a few solid punches early in the first round. Though he took a hard knee to the stomach, he was able to recover quickly. The second round continued to be a brawling match with Josh and his opponent landing quality shots throughout the entire round. In the third round Josh was knocked down and with just a few seconds left at the end of the fight. The crowd came alive in this fight as these fighters gave it there all and showed a warrior spirit !

Last, and certainly not least was Kyler Winters. Kyler is the more experienced fighter of the three that competed Saturday, and it showed. When the bell rang, Kyler scored some hard shots early that made his opponent pull him in to clinch and do whatever it took to keep him there. Kyler landed an unending barrage of hard body shots from the clinched position. When Kyler was able to break loose, he landed solid punched and kicks that his opponent wanted nothing to do with. This trend would continue thoughout the rest of the fight, which was enough for the judges to reward Kyler’s opponent the win. This was an awesome performance and we look for more great fights from Kyler in the future!

This was an incredible learning experience for each athlete. It was great to hear each man voice what he needed to work on in post-fight talk with coaches. You see that is the purpose of a smoker. You do not come to a smoker to win…you come to a smoker to learn!

Not to be forgotten for his efforts Saturday is Brett Jefferson took home first place in the heavy weight blue belt division in the Jiu Jitsu tournament yesterday afternoon. Brett was scheduled to compete in the Muay Thai Smoker event but his opponent got injured a few weeks earlier and had to drop out. But Brett is a true fighter and decided that he was going to compete on November 16 th (no matter if it was Muay Thai , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or checkers…he was going to compete! )He fought through a tough field of talented competition and submitted every single one of his opponents to win first place!

It takes an unbelievable amount of courage to step up and take part in these competitions. Congratulations to everyone who competed yesterday. Each person represented The Edge with class and pride. Also a big thanks goes out to all who made a long three and a half hour trip as well. Your support was felt by all athletes and they thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

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